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85% of parental mistakes are avoidable during the first year.


Prepare Me, Baby is here to help curve the hardships of new parenthood. Once you’ve signed up, you will gain access to countless vital tips and advice for parenthood, pregnancy and everything else baby. Going to prenatal doctors’ appointments and taking vitamins just simply isn’t enough to prepare you for your new journey. There is a lot of other information you’ll need that simply sometimes aren’t provided or you don’t know to ask the question. For example,

Did you know that babies don’t require water through their first year of life?

Well, many others don’t know either. Having a baby is like going to a whole new world. But don’t worry, we are her to help you adjust.
There is a lot of information that gets thrown at you through baby books and classes, but you can also have the ease of Prepare Me, Baby to enlighten you through a simple process. You don’t have to take notes or feel the pressure of remembering everything because you can always reference the information later.
Prepare Me, Baby can help to prepare you for pregnancy and the new baby in your life. It’s not just for mothers and fathers! It’s also for Godparents, grandparents, siblings, stepparents and any one else who has a new baby in their life. Even if you are considering having a baby in the future, Prepare Me, Baby will help you gain more knowledge on some of the things you can look forward to.
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